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We represent 1031 exchange buyers and sellers throughout the United States. Our experience and extensive network, allows us to provide you with the ideal property that meets your needs. Our database of properties include triple net assets, strip centers, single tenant solutions, office properties, residential multi-family units and individual Apartments or investment homes. 


Our mission is to remain your trusted real estate advisor for many years. It is our goal to find you a property that will hold value for years to come

Identify within 45 Days

After the sale of your relinquished property, you must identify your exchange property within 45 days. There are numerous ways to identify. Identification is only successful if you can sign a contract on a replacement property to secure your next asset.

Close within 6 Months

According to 1031 exchange rules and regulations, you must close on your replacement property within 6 months from the time of the sale of your relinquished property. We will make certain you close in time and mitigate any potential delays.

Connect with Our 1031 Resources

As a client of ours, you will have access to experienced 1031 exchange resources including a variety of qualified intermediary recommendations, real estate attorneys, property managers and other valuable contacts to help your 1031 exchange.

Our dedicated team will not only assist in helping you find the ideal property, we will make sure that you have all the appropriate resources to help successfully close your 1031 exchange transaction.

It is our goal to provide the best quality and care for each and every one of our clients. 

We go the extra mile to make certain you are satisfied with the entire process and happy for years to come. 


Our Brokerage team will assist you with on-market and off-market multi-family residential assets. Our extensive database has access to Apartments and Apartment complexes all throughout the United States. We have partnered with our sister Company,, to bring additional opportunities.  

In addition, we have a team in place to help you manage your assets. 

We strive to deliver properties with upside and value-added features for the near and long-term.

Additionally, we represent buyers throughout the Country to make certain they purchase the ideal property that suits their needs moving forward. 

Your business means everything to us. We are certain to assist you well after your 1031 exchange purchase to be your premier real estate resource for the future.

1031 exchange nationwide specializes in triple net assets throughout the United states. Properties range from multi-tenant to single tenant commercial properties with stable, long-term leases.

It’s important to make certain that all leases are validated, corporate backed or guaranteed and made present the terms of a kick-out clause.

We scour the Country to find commercial assets that are ideal for a 1031 exchange. They range from Absolute net leases to properties with tremendous upside.

We can assist you every step of the way when purchasing a 1031 exchange property. Our blog can assist you with further information and education.

Please contact us today to get your 1031 exchange started! 

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